Maintenance control of tools and equipment

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    Module that allows the creation of programming for different types of maintenance, calibration and/or certification of tool or equipment items.

    The module allows maintenance schedules to be created for individual tools, based on parameters established in the tool records. It also makes it possible to define the types of planned maintenance, the periods and frequencies for carrying it out, in addition to generating schedules for scheduled services.

    Controle de Manutenção

    In this step, the maintenance plan for the tool is defined – types of planned services, periods and frequencies. This information will feed the maintenance schedule and allow prior warnings to be given to managers to block the tool in the system, in order to keep it available for carrying out the planned maintenance.

    Controle de Manutenção

    From the maintenance schedule, it is possible to insert additional management information, such as: blocking, cost center, managers and maintainers, service order and costs involved. This information can be entered into the system at each service performed or at the end of the planned maintenance. The system provides several related management reports.

    Controle de Manutenção

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