Organization and management consultancy for tools warehouse

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    The purpose of the consultancy is to help companies organize their tooling and warehouse environments in an agile, efficient and reliable way, in addition to optimizing their operations and item flows within these spaces, meeting the specific needs of each client.

    • Promoting the organization of the tooling environment;
    • Carrying out an inventory of available items;
    • Creating standard procedures for coding, identification, addressing, storage, movement, tracking and quality control of tooling;
    • Implementing defined operating procedures, training professionals involved in the operation and monitoring performance;
    • Optimizing the entire flow of items and tools within the tooling environment;
    • Controlling access to restricted, critical or high added value tooling;
    • Mapping the specific needs of each operation.

    Tools warehouse organization

    • Preparation of the client’s team that will participate in the project;
    • Mapping of gaps, needs and specificities of the tool warehouse;
    • Layout creation and execution for the tools warehouse environment;
    • Implementation of POP-04 – Standard Operating Procedure for Organization and Storage of Critical and Non-Critical Items.

    Permanent Inventory

    • Inventory period planning;
    • Preparing the environment for carrying out an inventory;
    • Implementation of POP01 – Standard Operating Procedure for Permanent and Rotating Inventory;
    • Initial inventory survey through a basic list of items provided by the contracting party;
    • Execution of inventory of tools, machines, equipment and instruments, segregating them by type and group for counting;
    • Registration of inventoried items in the system;
    • Monitoring the organization of inventoried items in the tool warehouse.

    Coding and identification of items

    • Creation of the item coding structure and identification methodology;
    • Definition of item types to receive single or multiple coding;
    • Implementation of POP-02 – Standard Operating Procedure for Item Coding and Identification;
    • Tracking the identification of inventoried items – marking codes with a pyrotechnic pen and/or labeling.

    Registration of items in the system

    • Implementation of POP05 – Standard Operating Procedure for Item Registration in the system.
    • User training on POP05;
    • Monitoring of registration of items in the system.


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