Toolbox: Loan, return and inspection

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    It allows the creation of different models of toolboxes by type of user or by area of ​​activity, facilitating the routine of loan, return and inspection operations, linking the respective boxes to the user clients.

    Different toolbox models can be created to suit different tool users (electrical toolbox, mechanical toolbox, etc.), which will allow tool loan and return operations to become agile and reliable.

    Maleta de Ferramentas, toolbox, toolsort
    • LOAN: 

    To create the toolbox, the tool storeroom operator selects the desired model in the system so that the list of basic items that must be inserted is displayed, with permission for new items to be added, if desired. Next, just generate the respective records and link the toolbox to the user responsible for keeping it, with a printout of the loan receipt for signature by the user, if desired.


    The tool items can be returned at any time, partially or totally, with the issuance of a receipt for each operation performed, if desired.

    Maleta de Ferramentas, toolbox

    Consultation of toolbox component items, by user.

    Maleta de Ferramentas

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